Welcome to Open Arms Housing Inc

Thanks to everyone, our honorees, guests, staff and volunteers who made our fundraiser, Transforming Buildings, Transforming Lives successful and memorable.

Marilyn Kresky-Wolff
Executive Director

Transforming Lives through Housing with Supportive Services

Our building, The Dunbar, is home to 16 women who were formerly homeless with histories of trauma, chronic poverty, and unstable relationships. The women who live at The Dunbar have been without exception on the streets or in shelter for extended periods, and the Dunbar was designed to offer a safe and inviting home in a caring, supportive community.

OAH offers each woman a safe, secure, private space. She has time to acclimate herself to a setting which ensures privacy, but also invites social interaction. Each woman has her own efficiency apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom. The building has three wheelchair accessible units, and each floor has a community room with shared phones, television, computers, and space for gatherings.

Our approach expands client choice. Supportive services are offered to all residents, who can choose to participate on a continuum, from low to high participation. Supportive services are tailored to meet individuals’ needs and are aimed to maximize resources, benefits, and outside activities. While OAH does not require its residents to engage in treatment, the staff encourages them and makes every effort to make them aware of what is available and how treatment can help.

OAH provides a community of support and care. Live-in volunteers monitor the building on nights and weekends, offer support to the residents, and give residents the benefit of living with members of the mainstream community. Volunteers and staff hold community meetings, offer communal meals, host holiday celebrations, and lead workshops on art and poetry.

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