Our Mission:


Open Arms Housing’s purpose is to provide stable, supportive housing for women who have lived on the margins of society.


Our Mission

At Open Arms Housing, our mission is to provide permanent homes and ongoing support to women experiencing homelessness. Special care is taken to provide comprehensive mental health support to OAH clients.

Our goal is to create safe, comfortable housing tailored to meet individual needs and to promote housing stability using the Housing First and Harm Reduction approaches.

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Our Impact

Our motto Transforming Buildings, Transforming Lives continues to guide us on our path as we seek to be a trailblazer in eradicating homelessness in Washington, D.C.


Open Arms Housing has served communities in DC since the organization’s inception in 1997.


Through our innovative service model of delivering services, we now currently provide housing to over 100 women across the District.


OAH has maintained a 95 percent success rate of residents remaining in safe, secure, permanent housing.


Our Programs

Open Arms Housing operates three programs through which we serve chronically homeless women. We run our two project-based single-site apartment buildings, as well as the newer initiative, a scattered-site Permanent Supportive Housing Program.


Permanent supportive housing

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program (PSHP) provides permanent housing and supportive services to women experiencing chronic homelessness to ensure housing stabilization, self-sufficiency, and an overall better quality of life.

SINGLe-SITe housing, THE Dunbar

Our first facility, The Dunbar began housing residents in the Fall of 2009. Its 16 units provide each woman with her own efficiency apartment that has a full kitchen and bathroom. The building has three wheelchair accessible units, shared phones and television, and a community room.

scattered-site housing

In 2017, through a contract with the DC Department of Human Services, OAH began providing housing units in apartment buildings accompanied by supportive services throughout Washington, DC.


Our second building, Owen House, in the Trinidad neighborhood, opened in the Fall of 2015 with one-bedroom apartments for four women. At both locations, OAH staff provide on-site supportive and case management services.


Ms. Maria, an OAH resident, lived in a truck in a wooded area for two years.

“I stood outside early one morning to smoke a cigarette and it was bitterly cold. After a puff or two, I quickly put my cigarette out and took one step and I was instantly out of the cold. All that stood between me being warm and being cold was a door-my door!”


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